What To Feed An Older Cat With A Sensitive Stomach

Worrying that your senior cat is not feeding or eating right is among the many common causes of worries in most cat owners. If you discover that your cat is not eating enough, or is struggling to keep its food down, it might be the right time to look for some other feeding options.

Switching to one of the best foods for cats with sensitive stomachs can certainly make a big difference to your cats’ happiness and yours, as well.

Although most foods for senior cats with sensitive tummies basically aim to reduce the nutrients that these cats struggle to break down, they often vary substantially, together with the unique sensitivities of your feline.

Remember that the sensitivity of your cat can be caused by a lot of things. They might be especially sensitive to some grains, or even significant levels of taurine in the food.

If you have worries about the eating habits of your cat, you should prioritize a visit to the vet at all times. They are the only individuals who can reliably direct you towards the main trigger of stomach sensitivity.

If you are searching for some food options for an older feline with a sensitive stomach, here are some of the best options that will work for your pet.

BLUE Sensitive Stomach

If you suspect that grains are the root cause of the digestive troubles of your cat, then you should consider going for wet cat foods or more appropriate dry cat foods instead. BLUE Sensitive Stomach does contain any grains, and if your cat is showing sensitivity to foods with whole grains then trying another food containing the same ingredient will probably be a waste of time and money.

This cat food is a great option when you are looking for dry cat foods for sensitive digestive systems. It has no by-product meals, which means you get incredibly high quality of meat proteins and a whole range of antioxidants and minerals that support the immune system of your cat.

The pieces of deboned chicken drive most cats wild, and there are no corn, soy or wheat products included to reduce any potential stomach upsets. Although many people probably prefer wet foods over dry ones for a sensitive tummy, this is an excellent and viable option for the cat owners with a preference for dry foods.

Just ensure that your cat is well hydrated throughout to improve digestion.

Royal Canin Sensitive Gravy

Royal Canin brands are usually recommended by many professionals and experts for their great formulas that balance wholesome nutrition and high-quality ingredients. Designed specifically for felines with sensitive tummies, Royal Canin Sensitive Gravy offers a 100% whole nutritional diet.

This wet cat formula promises the ideal macro-nutrient profile, which means that proteins, carbohydrates, and fats are entirely balanced to offer your cat a meal that is both delicious and friendly to their tummies.

Royal Canin Sensitive Loaf

Royal Canin Sensitive Loaf is another wet cat food from Royal Canin. This loaf dipped in sauce option of a chicken recipe is good for cats who fall sick more frequently because of rushed eating.

The unique texture provided by the loaf stops a cat from guzzling its food which causes digestion problems. It makes for a fantastic option of variation in the type of food to make things more exciting for your feline as well.

This wet food is pretty low in calories and is also great to help your cat maintain a healthy weight at all times, something which could also have a positive effect on its eating habits. Royal Canin Sensitive Loaf could be the long-term solution to all your worries.

The change in food texture can at times throw cats a bit if you straight switch from one food type to another. To avoid this, you can introduce this food gradually along with the food they are familiar with.

Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive

Packed with a verified antioxidant combination and vitamins E and C, Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive promotes healthy digestion in cats and calms down upset tummies. The omega-6 fatty acid contained in this cat food also promotes skin health and a good coat, meaning you will get numerous benefits for your money.

Hill’s full money back guarantee shows that you can try this cat food risk-free, which speaks volumes especially when it comes to the quality of their cat food. They have a good reputation for the science-backed cat foods that provide wholesome nutrition and handle common stomach complaints with cats.

Purina ONE Sensitive Systems

This cat food is another popular brand, which is excellent for cats with sensitive stomachs. Purina is well-known for the production of incredibly high standard cat foods, and they have made one particularly for sensitive digestive systems.

Purina’s specially made “Sensitive Systems” feline food offers a wide range of vitamins and minerals that boost the digestion and the immune system of your cat.

Because it’s from a popular brand, you will get a high-quality meal and a food type that is considerably cheaper than any other prescription alternatives.


Cat foods for sensitive digestive systems have been carefully manufactured to minimize any risks of undesirable reactions and subsequent vomiting. Due to the risks associated with stomach upsets, most manufacturers shy away from including by-product meats as their protein sources.

The by-product meats are not bad for your feline, but with cheaper brands and foods, the sources can be questionable at times.

If you have any reasons to believe that grains are the root cause of the stomach upsets in your cat, you should go for wet foods instead of dry.

Again, most of the best foods for sensitive cats avoid corn and many other grain-based elements. Although grains aren’t bad for the health of your cat, they aren’t an essential part of their daily diet, and the inclusion of carbohydrates and grains in cat foods can at times lead to irritation.

In conclusion, the cat foods discussed above are perfect options for older cats with sensitive tummies.

However, stick with a popular and reputable brand because it will result in all-around and better quality cat foods which are less likely to bring aggravation to the digestive system of your cat.

Providing your cat with a meal that’s specifically manufactured for cats with sensitive tummies can work wonders when it comes to restoring a healthy eating habit and a better quality of life as well.