What is the best Dog for small Children

Children and Dogs are like the “Bread and Butter” or “Peanut butter with Jam” who can easily gel in, hence forming the best of friendships. But, finding the best dog for your children can be challenging as the characteristics of every breed vary.

According to a board member for the Association of Shelter Veterinarians, you need to ask a few questions before deciding to add these cuddly creatures into your family.

Is the breed safe for all the members of the family?
Will you be able to meet the requirements of the dog that you wish to make a family member?

So, depending on the answers to the above-mentioned queries, one can choose the best mate for their lil’ ones while keeping a check on the following factors-

Age/Size of the Dog

The size and age of the dog will help to determine the dog that you will be in sync with the energy levels of your children. For example- big gangle puppies can technically knock down your toddlers, and bigger children can crush the small pups.

Ideally, an adult dog can be around your children, as small pups need are also in need of a bit of extra attention. Also, size should also be considered in relation to the energy levels along with temperament.

Energy Levels of the Dog

While finding the best dog as per the energy levels, first you need to be realistic about the lifestyle patterns that are followed at your place. Especially, if you are looking for a dog who actually requires more physical activity in comparison to others.

It’s because, if you will not be able to meet their needs, their energy will be consumed in making your life a bit more complicated.

Personality Traits of the Dog

This is basically checking the temperament of the breed that you wish to include as a part of your family. Ideally, you should look for intelligent breeds which can adjust very easily in your family. Hence, creating stronger bonds along with being a great companion for your children.

Dog training is very much essential for them to behave properly in any situation, be it home or any social gathering. Other than the above factors, this is one another key factor that must be understood before deciding the best playmate for your kids.

Also, kids need to be trained for them to act properly in front of the dog.

Based on all the requirements, there are a few breeds of dogs which tend to be a better playmate for your kids as compared to others.

Golden Retriever

They are not aggressive, and at the same time not too timid. They make the best bonds not only with children but also to family members of any age group. They are confident, smart, kind, and loyal. They can be the best playmate for your kids, for instance, they love playing fetch.

With not much of the physical exercises required with this breed, this is actually one of the low-maintenance dogs. Your kids will automatically fall in love with this breed because of the affection that they shower.


This breed is commonly addressed as the “Nature’s Babysitter”. They are one of the most intelligent breeds. They are extremely protective and love kids immensely. Gentle and patience, are the key traits of these dogs which have given them another name “Mother Teresa of Dogs”.

These dogs are best suited for families which have larger spaces. These dogs love to be with the family at all times. So, they should not be left outdoors. Also, they are great swimmers and have been known to save lives in emergency situations.


Calm temperament and small size is what makes Beagle the best options for families with kids. They are also smart, but require bathing, and brushing regularly because of the shedding of their hairs.

They love playing, exploring the trails. They will keep the child busy while you can rest for sometime.


These are one of the most gentle breeds which never misbehave. A reason that makes them suitable to be around infants and toddlers.

They grasp the training practices pretty quickly. They are also one of the most intelligent breeds. However, require frequent grooming because of their long hairs.

So, understand the nature of the breed, and then decide accordingly. Never decide hastily. Otherwise, a great memory can turn into a disaster any minute. Also, go for emotional support animal letter in case of any mental disability as per the guidelines of DSM IV or V such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks. In such cases, having an ESA letter will help to keep the pets with your children in the best possible way.