Train Puppy on Time

It is important to train puppy early as it is difficult to correct things when he is grown up.


Playing is very important for your puppy as he learns to socialize with other dogs and with you. He learns how to run fast, how to sneak close to its prey and to grab it, and to use his voice and to smell things. He learns to differenciate bwtween a hard bite and a soft bite. Puppies love to play hunting and catching.

Playing with your dog will help you to understand him better and this way you establish yourself as the alpha dog, the pack leader. Don’t allow your puppy to bite you into the hands as your skin is much thinner than the skin of dogs. If it happens you should stop playing immediately, grab at his mouth, push him away and say a loud “No” and whine a bit. Your puppy does the same when another dog bites him and when it hurts.

This way the puppy will learn that he should never bite you into the hands or legs as this hurts. It may not hurt now, but wait until he is grown up. How do you want to explain him then that biting into your arms and hands is not allowed anymore and might even be dangerous.

So start early to teach him the right things before it is too late.

The Puppy should play with Toys only

Teach your puppy to play with toys only or with objects you allow him to play with. He must learn that everybody got his own things and that he must play only with something that belongs to him and not with your expensive shoes, socks or other things. If he plays with something else then take it away from him with a clear and loud “NO” and give him something else to play with.

Get Toys

Every puppy likes to play tug-of-war or balls. If you buy a ball then make sure that it is not too hard or too heavy for your dog. And all toys should be digestable if parts of them are swallowed as they chew on things constantly.

When your puppy gets new teeth he needs toys to chew on because his gums and jaws become very sore. To chew on something provides him relief.

What toys you buy depends on the size, chewing habits, and play style of your dog.

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