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It is very unpleasant and annoying if your dog barks at visitors who try to enter your home. In this case the dog wants to defend his family and intends to protect you and your kids. This behavior shows that he is the boss and not you. This means you have done something wrong in your behaviour or dog training and let him become the boss.

It is not easy for a dog to be the boss as he has now the responsibility for his family. This means he will be constantly alert, a bit nervous and somewhat restless as he is the leader of the pack now. It is a big burden for your dog to be the boss. Try to understand this. You have to switch roles so that you are the boss again. But to do this you have to change your attitude and become a more assertive person towards your dog and he will feel this. Your body language must change, you must stand upright and confront your dog face to face when you do the following exercises.

Remember: You must become the boss again if you want to change the dogs behavior for the better.

Don’t talk to the Dog

It is not necessary that you give commands to the dog doing these exercises. No talking needed. Don’t say a single word!

What you need

Assertive Body Language:
Stand upright and fearless right in front of your dog (like a boss) at the right moment whenever this is necessary
Dog Treats
A short leash
A muzzle placed temporarily over the snout to keep it from biting you or your visitor while doing the exercise.

Stop Dog Barking at Visitors

Get one of your friends to act as a visitor. The visitor rings the bell and you open the door. The visitor stays at the door and you go slowly to the visitor as you usually do. Observe how the dog reacts.

stop dog barking
Stop Dog barking

The very moment your dog starts barking you turn around and confront him assuming an upright assertive posture. Don’t say a word. You go towards the dog and push him slowly but surely back into the other room where you came from until he stops barking. As soon as he stops you give him some petting. After that turn around and start again the whole procedure.

Go slowly to the door and observe him, as soon as he starts barking, turn around again and push him back to the other room as before until he stops barking.

Do this a few times until the dog stops barking while approaching the visitor at the door. When he has not barked give him some petting and a dog treat. After that return slowly to the other room and go again to the door to the visitor. Give him a dog treat again when he does not bark. Repeat all this until it becomes clear that the dog has understood that he should not bark at visitors.

The dog has understood now that you are the boss and that only you decide from now on which visitor is allowed to enter and that you decide also if the family has to be defended or not.

If this method above does not solve the problem then get help from a professional dog trainer.

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