Siberian Husky Facts

Are you the right person to own a husky?

Siberian Husky Facts

The Siberian Husky is just called “Husky”, which means “Eskimo” (Inuit).

Height: 51-60 cm
Weight: up to 28 kg
Color: all colors allowed, mostly black or grey and white
Health: Seizures and defects of the eye
Life Span: 12 to 14 years
Suitable for advanced dog owners

siberian husky facts
Siberian husky facts

Huskies are intelligent, a bit stubborn and have lot of energy as they are sled dogs. They were used for sled races with big success. For that reason you have to train your dog well as they are not a typical house pet as you surely can imagine.

siberian husky facts

The husky is a beautiful and elegant dog.

You need patience and perseverance and you have to be a good pack leader or your Husky will take over and give you a hard time. Most importantly you have to give it sufficient exercise, if you don’t, they might take your sofa apart to get rid of their energy.

Watch the video below about Siberian Husky Facts to understand more about the mentality of a Husky.

siberian husky facts

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