Raw Bones and Dental Health for Pets

The image of a dog and their love for a good ol’ fashion bone is just a match made in heaven, but is it really? There is actually a lot of debate about whether we should give our dogs bones or not. You might want to be careful saying that out loud, I swear my dogs is side eyeing me this very second.

As with most things, there is truth on both sides of the argument. A lot of the debate boils down certain bones have more pros than cons, while other animal bones have more negatives than positives and should be avoided.

So many options but so few good choices

There a phrase that says “you should never feed your dog chicken bones”, but really what this phrase should say is “you should never feed your dogs cooked bones”. Cooked bones can easily splinter off and damage the intestines and the stomach, so avoid them at all cost.

While we are at it, the image of a pup with a huge bone in their mouth should be erased from your mind as well. These bones come from cows, buffalo, or bison and are just too hard for our dogs’ teeth. You don’t want to know how much tooth repair costs, trust me.

Speaking of the dentist, dental bones are iffy as well because most are ineffective, and to top it off they have tons of artificial preservatives, starches, and other ingredients that signal warning signs. Good dental bones will actually be more expensive compared to the next type of bone we’re about to cover, while not even proving the same extent of benefits.

So are there any bones worth getting?

Raw Lamb and goat bones are perfect for dogs and provide a good balance between being hard enough for your dog to have countless hours of fun with and not cracking a tooth while doing it.

Rawhides are fine as well, but make sure they are taken away when your dog has chewed them down enough as choking is a risk.

Why raw bones are great:

  • Dogs love chewing, sometimes they seem possessed over it – raw bones give them countless hours of safe chewing.
  • Kibble isn’t cleaning your pup’s teeth and using a toothbrush is a nightmare – raw bones are nature’s toothbrushes and scrape away tartar and prevent plaque formation.
  • Improving a dog’s diet – raw bones are a natural source of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and other minerals that wild animals have relied on for eons. In actuality, it’s not the bone itself that is providing these healthy minerals in bountiful amounts, but the morrow locked away.

Negatives you should be on the look for:

  • The biggest negative with raw bones is they may contain bacteria which can cause upset stomach and bad breath, but there are some easy ways to avoid these problems.
  • Marrow is fatty – this can really throw off your pup’s diet, so make sure to give them an extra run on the days they are gnawing away at a bone.
  • Keep the peace – even dogs that have grown up together can get protective over their bones, so make sure to play it safe and separate your pup’s if you’re giving them bones.
  • Size matters – the best way to tell if a raw bone is too small or too large for your dog is just compare the size of the bone to their head. Ok, you can go ahead and snicker now.

How to Avoid the Negatives of Raw Bones?

Bacteria is definitely the big worry when it comes to raw bones, so let’s look at two ways you can stop bacteria from causing upset stomach and diarrhea as well as bad breath.

Because life should be easier you can find both products by the same company: Innovet Pet.

First, for targeting bad breath, I really like pet oral care as it’s great for killing bacteria found in the mouth. It will also provide additional measures for removing tartar and plaque buildup. It’s recommended that you only give raw bones about twice a week, so the spray can take over for dental health throughout the rest of the week.

Next, check out their CBD oil, PurCBD+. If you’ve haven’t heard about CBD oil for health, then you’re in for a treat. CBD works naturally within the body and promotes the systems in charge of regulating and controlling health. One of many properties it contains, CBD has been shown to be an excellent antibiotic. As well, CBD oil helps regulate proper digestion and reduces both nausea and diarrhea.

CBD oil is knocking it out of the park

And if CBD oil was already enough of a home run in the world of natural health products goes, CBD oil affects the metabolization by a process known as “fat browning”. This means CBD stimulates genes and proteins that are in charge of breaking down and oxidizing fat. It increases mitochondria in both amount and activity which leads to more calories burned for the same amount of effort. Last, it limits the expression of proteins in a process known as lipogenesis, or fat cell generation for us laypeople.

So while your dog will surely love that extra mile run because he got rich fatty marrow, with CBD oil you could perhaps skip it. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.

Don’t Forget To Bring Your Toothbrush

Dental health is important and if neglected can cost you hundreds on cleaning and thousands on repairs at the vet, so play it smart and grab some raw bones. Just make sure you take care of the bacteria problems and the extra calories.

Oh, and while we are at it, you can actually forget about the brush. You hate brushing your pup’s teeth and your dog hates you brushing their teeth. Sure, if that was the only way to clean their teeth then we should, but with a combination of raw bones and no brush oral care like the one Innovet Pet offers, the toothbrush days are numbered for dogs. That’s something I think we are all can be thankful for.

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