Puppy Potty Training Tips

I hope these Puppy Potty Training Tips will help you to solve any problems related to your puppy.

It takes time and patience to potty train your puppy.

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When you get your new puppy decide where it should sleep. Prepare a sleeping place for your little friend in a room where there is the most life going on in your place. This could be in your kitchen. This way the puppy can keep an eye on all family members at the same time.

In the first few days when the puppy is not housebroken yet get a carton and put it beside your bed. Put some blankets into it. But don’t make it too soft or the puppy will pee into carton because the pee will get absorbed in the blankets. Dogs like to pee where they feel that the pee gets absorbed somehow.

The carton must be big enough so that the puppy cannot get out itself, but should not be too large or the puppy will pee into one corner and sleep in the other corner.

During the night when it has fear and whines, you just let your hand hanging down into the carton. This way you don’t have to get up and you can feel when the puppy becomes restless because it needs to potty. In this case you will wake up by yourself and can bring it outside to do its business. When you do this then be quiet and don’t play or he thinks it is playing time.

IMPORTANT: If he has finished doing his business. Praise him IMMEDIATELY or give him a treat IMMEDIATELY.
This must be done within 2 seconds after he finished or he will not be able to relate your praise or the giving of a treat to the act of doing potty. This way your puppy knows and learns from you that you expect him to do his potty outdoors in the future, and he knows if he does this he will get praise and a treat.

When finished bring him back to the box quietly and go to sleep again. If you talk or play with him he will not understand that it is sleeping time and wants to play.

It is a bad idea to let the puppy sleep far away from your bed the first few days as you will not know what he does. He will feel lonely and might pee into the carton and you don’t even know it. The puppy does not like to sleep alone and he will whine if you let him sleep in the kitchen or in the living-room. If this happens you will not be able to sleep yourself.

Get a hot water bottle and put it into the carton at the edge underneath the blankets. This simulates the warmth that it got from its mother, brothers and sisters while sleeping side by side and this will make him feel comfortable.

Don’t worry about the fact that he sleeps in your bedroom as this is just temporarily and not forever.

Accidents happen

If the puppy has done his business indoors then clean the mess up with a cleaner. Don’t say anything if the incident happened some time ago, as he can’t relate what you say now to something that happened in the past, but take him to the right area outdoors to potty there. If you catch him doing his business at the very moment, then say a loud and clear “NO” and bring him outdoors to the right spot.

Wooden Playpen for Kids

Get a traditional wooden playpen for kids or buy a dog playpen as this is a very suitable place to leave the puppy, when you need to work for a few hours at home or when going shopping. Put a blanket, a pillow, a water bowl and a chew bone or chew toy into it.

When you leave and go out of the door don’t say goodbye to your puppy or he will feel that something sad happens, because he can’t understand your words and just picks up your emotional state.

What you shouldn’t do with your Puppy

No long walks
The bone structure of your pup is not developed yet, so you should not go for long walks with your puppy.

Don’t let him jump from the furniture down to the floor
This could hurt his joints.

Never ever grab his fore-paws to lift him up.
This can hurt his joints.

Don’t climb stairs with your puppy.
The bone structure of dogs is not made for climbing stairs. As long as his bone structure is not grown out fully climbing stairs can hurt his hips or his back. After six months of age it is okay to climb stairs until then you have to carry him.

No jogging and no cycling with your puppy for the same reasons. You wouldn’t go jogging with your little child either.

The puppy will decide for himself how much running and playing is good for him, just let him do it. If he is tired he just will sleep a bit.

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