Puppy dry Food

Why is my Puppy not eating dry Food?

Does your puppy eat dry food? If your puppy is refusing to eat dry food completely, it could be because of many reasons. It can range from food taste, teething, sensitive stomach to wet food preference, as well as a change in the eating routine.

Furthermore, it could be an indication of an increasingly serious health problem.
In this article you may find some of the reasons that could cause your puppy not to eat dry food.

puppy dry food

1. Your Puppy might be sick or not in the Mood to eat

If your little dog usually eats its dry food with no issues but has refused suddenly, the first thing that should be in your mind is to confirm if it is sick. The sudden refusal of food can mean that your puppy is having some internal problems, possibly a sensitive stomach.

So, consider visiting the vet to check if it is a problem.
Also, you have to consider that your little dog might be just selective mainly when you have been feeding him both wet and dry food before.

2. Your Puppy might be too young for dry Food

If your puppy is not more than six to two months old, she might not be completely weaned. Your little dog might be too young to even think about traditional dry food. The breastfeeding puppies mostly don’t like dry food as they are still enjoying their mother’s milk.

A puppy is not interested in dry food during her first periods of his young life. However, when she is three to about a month old, be sure that she will start to snack dry food. In most cases, pet owners begin to introduce the dry food to their puppy when they are six to two months old after being weaned.

3. Your Puppy might be teething

Many puppies like to bite and eat less when teething. This is usually the case when a puppy is about three and a half years old. Soft chewing gum and loose teeth can make her not feel comfortable to eat dry food.

If your Puppy is teething and does not eat dry food, you can try to add warm water or mix it with wet food to make it less strenuous.

If you decide to add wet food to your usual banquet, make sure you proportionally reset the amount of dry food you offer to make sure you do not overdo it.

4. It might be a Change in the Eating Routine

If your puppy is subjected to a particular eating schedule and now you have changed it suddenly, it might be the cause of the problem. If she had only wet food before and now you serve her with dry food; she might refuse to eat. She is conditioned to wet food, and when you suddenly introduce dry food, it might be a surprise to her.

If that is the case, and when your little dog is under half a year old, always feed her three small dinners daily.  And if you need to change the pattern or introduce a new food do it partially and check the reaction. You can start in the morning and during the night.

You can also choose to do it a few times a day. This is applicable if your puppy is about one-year-old for most puppies, or two years for larger breed puppies.

5. Might be because of the strange Smell

When your puppy is used to individual taste or smell of that food, she might refuse similar food with different taste and smell. After all, some puppies do not care about the taste or the surface of dry food. All in all, our taste, surface and smell tendencies differ from individual to individual. If your puppy does not eat its dry food, you may need to mix some wet food into your puppy’s dry food to make it more attractive.

You can also try to moisturize the dry food and add some warm water or dog flavors.