Protect your Pets from these Bugs

We all love our pets. The bond between humans and “pets” is highly treasured. It includes physical, emotional, and psychological contacts between the two and the surrounding environment.

Pets love to play with anything that they can get their paws on (especially, anything that moves!). It includes smaller animals, like for instance, squirrels, mice, lizards, and bugs.

pet bugs


There are many different approaches when talking about bugs. Scientifically, bugs are insects. They are from the Order Hemiptera. Hemipterans are dubbed as “true bugs” by entomologists.

They have piercing and sucking mouthparts, where they can suck the fluids of their hosts, either by plants or animals. It defines Order Hemiptera among the other classes of insects.

But in general, when people talk about bugs, they are referring to almost any small creature with or without legs! People would freely use the term all the time when talking about insects (of any kind), worms, or sometimes even spiders!

Below are some of the annoying pesky bugs we should keep away from pets.

1. Ticks

These are parasites that can be found all over your pet’s skin. Ticks are very dangerous to your pets because they can cause blood parasitism on their host. It starts when a female tick attaches to the skin and sucks the blood of an infected host.

Once it has gorged down its fill of blood, it detaches and starts to look for its next target, where it will transfer the infection (from the previous host) through the bloodstream of the new host. This cycle will continue unless these ”bugs” are eliminated from the host.

2. Stinkbugs

Stinkbugs come in many colors and have a very distinct shield-like body shape. They are called stink bugs because they release a very pungent odor as their form of defense against predators.

The “stink” from these bugs are pretty harmless to our pets unless the dog or cat eats the stinkbug. Stink bugs can upset a dog or cat’s stomach, which can lead to vomiting and excessive drooling or sometimes diarrhea.

3. Fleas

Just like ticks, fleas live by feeding on the blood of their hosts. These “bugs” cannot fly, but they can leap very long distances! They also have developed a very tough armor on their bodies where they have adapted to withstand the pressures from a scratching paw.

Ticks are very dangerous to our pets because they can cause non-stop scratching to your pets. It will make your pets very distracted and uncomfortable for a long period.

Fleas can transfer from one host to another host at any time. One way your pets could get infested with fleas is if a flea-infested host comes into contact with your pet. The cycle now begins. Aside from being blood-sucking parasites, they serve as vectors for tapeworms!

4. Cockroaches

Cockroaches would most likely stay away from cats and dogs since both like to play with moving objects. But cockroaches are attracted to your pet’s food.

Since everybody knows that cockroaches are vectors of bacteria and viral diseases, so whenever your pets start to feed on the food that was crawled over by cockroaches, that’s a problem waiting to happen anytime!

5. Mites

Mites are hardly visible creatures. You can see it beneath your pet’s fur on the skin, mostly inside the ears. Mites dig under a dog or a cat’s skin layer and stay there for a long time.

They can cause numerous skin problems and hair loss to pets. Once mites begin to attack its host, this condition on the pet is called a “mange.” It is very irritating and very itchy to the host, and worse, sometimes it can also affect humans! These are mite manges you should avoid:

Sarcoptic mange
Demodectic mange

6. Mosquitoes

There are theories that mosquitoes have been pestering life on earth ever since the age of the dinosaurs. Up to now, modern-day mosquitoes continue to pester, not just humans, but also our pets as well. These “bugs” are parasites that feed on blood, just like the flea and the tick.

Studies say that the male mosquitoes feed on flower nectar, while it’s the female mosquito that sucks blood. Unfortunately, female mosquitoes are also vectors of various deadly diseases and viruses such as:

Chikungunya virus
West Nile Virus
Zika virus

There were findings that mosquitoes are also vectors that cause heartworm diseases for dogs and cats. It can result in organ damage, lung disease, heart failure, and even death. Better keep them off your pets!

7. Lady Bugs

Ladybugs are beetles. They are very colorful and loves to crawl over the blades of grass or flower in the field. Most common ladybugs are not toxic to dogs since dogs are so playful with almost anything they see moving. But the “Asian Lady Beetle” is very dangerous to them.

These “bugs” would lodge on the dog’s palate and ooze out a chemical that “burns” the dog’s mouth. Dogs find them very difficult to remove when using their tongues. Better to keep them away from our pets.

8. Lice

Lice live on the fur, or skin of the host. They suck blood and sometimes chew on the host’s skin, which can cause extreme irritation and itching! Lice are found on kittens or pups most of the time. It also thrives on hosts that live on dirty surroundings. You can see them in pets that are malnourished.

These are some of the examples of the pesky bugs that you should keep away from your pets. Some are not harmful, but some can be a real nuisance for pet owners.

So what do we do if our pet got “infected” with these bugs? The best advice is to approach people who are familiar, or better yet, experts in that kind of field. If we are not knowledgeable about our pet’s situation, let’s not solve it ourselves! It might do more harm than good. So bug off!

written by Cora.L