How to train a Puppy

Do you know how to train a Puppy? I can tell you it is not as easy. It requires patience and consequent behavior. First learn some facts about the nature of dogs and how they function. Get familiar with how a dog’s mind operates.

how to train a puppy
How to train a Puppy

– Reward of desirable Behavior ( by giving biscuits, praise him, give attention, play with him )
– No Reward, if undesirable Behavior ( by ignoring the dog, not giving attention, no treats, no praise, no play)

You should not beat your dog or be hard on him just follow the above guidelines.

No Dog is too young or too old to learn

No dog is too young to learn. With friendliness and playing methods you can teach a puppy to SIT or to COME. Start right away when you get your puppy but don’t expect too much discipline as the puppy is too young to be able to concentrate very well. Nonetheless he is very receptive and teachable. Reward him immediately with a treat when he sits and let him get up 2 seconds later.

Bite Inhibition

Many people believe that a dog genetically inherits a “soft mouth” and does not bite when another dog shows his inferiority after a fight. The truth is that the dog learns to moderate the strength of the bite while still young and playing with other dogs of the pack. To learn this can be quite a painful experience and Bite Inhibition is applied in its own pack only. Puppies play very roughly and aggressively until they are tired. In the 3rd til the 12th week they learn how to socialize with other dogs and humans. The mother regulates the behavior of the puppies so they learn that it is painful to bite hard and get biten by others.

How to train a puppy
How to train a puppy

The Scruff Shake

Many people use the scruff shake to punish their dogs. To do this you take the dog by the back of the neck and give it a firm shake.

Scruff shaking is WRONG and primitive and criticized by many dog experts nowadays.

Many believe that a scruff shake imitates the behavior of wolves and dogs. This is wrong thinking. The mother grabs a puppy and just carries it from point A to point B, but does not shake it. Wolves and dogs use the scruff shake to break the neck and to kill the prey.

If you use the scruff shake you give the wrong signal to your puppy. The puppy will lose confidence in you.

Puppies do use scruff shakes while playing to learn how to kill prey. But this does not mean that you should use it yourself.

Look into my Eyes..Baby

Yes, but not for too long.

The staring and fixing look directly in the dog’s eyes is testing who is the strongest. If you do this when you meet a big dominant dog on the road it might attack you. The risk of dangerous dog attacks can be increased by your actions like staring directly into the eyes of an aggressiv dog which is an act of aggression. The dog feels threatened. For kids staring is more dangerous because they are on the same visual level as the dog.

Is rubbing a Dogs Nose in it’s Pee a safe or effective way to train it?

No! It is not that easy to train a dog. The dog doesn’t know why you do this and will lose confidence in you. He doesn’t know why he is treated like that.

There must be a reason why your dog does urinate in the house. Maybe it is sickness or some sort of fear. Find the reason.

If the dog has peed on the floor then don’t shout at the dog as this causes fear and will not solve the problem at all. On the other hand don’t say anything calming as this might reinforce his action of peeing. Just say nothing and bring him to the place where your dog is allowed to pee. Then clean up the floor and that’s it.

If the peeing has happened a few minutes ago and the dog has already moved away from the place of action, then it makes even less sense to shout or say anything to the dog as it cannot relate your reaction to the incident of peeing anymore. Too much time has passed already and the dog will not remember what happened and does not understand why you shout.

Dog silent Whistle

A dog whistle is above the range of human hearing and it emits sounds in the ultrasonic range of 23 to 54 kHz which can be heard by dogs and domestic cats.

Some people believe that a dog obeys when he hears the dog whistle since the time he is born. This is complete nonsense, of course.

A dog doesn’t care about your whistle. Dogs have to be motivated to learn any signals. So if you bought a dog whistle then you have to condition your dog to the signals of the whistle. When you blow the whistle you have to combine this with the dog approaching you. If he does this you should feed him his favorite snack to keep him motivated. This is conditioning. This way the dog will learn and understand what whistling means. But this takes time, patience and perseverance.

But what are you doing if there are many dog owners outside who have the same dog whistle or if you have forgotten it at home? I say, forget it, you don’t need unnecessary complications.

Don’t chase the Puppy around too much

When you just bought a puppy you have lots of expectations. This is a new feeling to have a puppy at home. Isn’t it? You want to play with it and go for walks outside and are curious to see what it does.

This all is fine, but don’t chase it around too much. It does not need much movement at this age because its bone structure is not fully developed yet. It takes around 9 months until you can take it for long walks outside. Make sure that is does not move around too much in the beginning as this will strain the joints and can cause joint problems later on.

Let it play until it gets tired, but don’t let it run around too much.

Puppies should stay away from Chocolate

Yes! Never ever give any chocolate to a dog, or it can die!

Chocolate contains Theobromine and a dog metabolizes theobromine much more slowly than humans and reaches fast a level of theobromine poisoning depending on the dog’s weight. Read more

Don’t say good bye when you walk out of the Door to go shopping.

Just ignore the puppy when you leave your place to go out or he will feel that something sa happens when you say good bye to him.

Buy Toys or he will find something else to chew on.

If the puppy has no toys then he might chew on your best shoes or on your carpet. He will find somehting for sure.

How to stop Puppy biting?

Does Cheese spoils the Dog’s Sense of Smell?

Sheer nonsense!

Cheese is certainly not the right food for your dog, but sometimes it is a nice snack and it contains Proteins, Calcium and Vitamins which are good for your dog.

It has certainly no negative effect on your dog’s sense of smell.

Dogs need Vitamin C against the Flu


Dogs create sufficient Vitamin C in the liver. Only when a dog is sick then additional vitamin C doses might help. But it is no reason to reject a particular dog food when it has no vitamin C added.

Don’t feed too much

If your dog grows fat then it will get sick more often and the life span will decrease.

What do you do after you punished your Puppy verbally

You “punish” your puppy by saying a loud, sharp and commanding “No”. Don’t argue with your puppy, this leads nowhere and makes no impression at all. You don’t discuss things with dogs.

If you have punished your puppy then you should not talk to your puppy for about 15 minutes and remain passiv. No eye contact, no praise or anything like that. Your dog knows that he was punished and feels uncomfortable and looks somewhere else anyway.

You have to let your punishment sink into his mind for a while. You should not interrupt this process. Many dog owners don’t understand this and make the mistake and comfort the puppy as soon as he looks and behaves in a guilty way. This leads to nothing.

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