How to train a Cat

Having a cat is a warming welcome to introduce to your family and other pets in the household. To help to learn your cat to show some good manners in the household, there are different ways on how to train a cat. These training tips will help you to train your cat well and will learn to behave well in various situations.

Ways to train your Cat

To allow your cat to provide with good training, there are certain things in which you can properly train your cat. If you want your cat to become a good pet, you need to follow some certain guidelines.
Such guides mention below:

Plan on what you want to train

To know how to train a cat, you need to have a planned schedule to manage your time effectively when training your cat. Such training you can do like litter training, calling gestures, keeping clam while grooming, communication, playing with toys and other pets and calm travelling. These are the important ways on what you want to train your cat. If you want to manage your time effectively, you must plan well to teach your cat to behave in certain ways. This will help your pet to become social and happy with humans and other pets in the household. Planning what you want to train you cat will give you the idea of how to train the pet properly.

Keep each Session short and natural

Cats’ attention spans are shorter than humans are. So do not expect your cat to absorb all of the information in one go during the training session. Let the lesson dictate how long your cat be willing to keep you in the company. To make the training effective is to keep the session short and natural. When it comes to participation, give your cat some personal space while reaming approachable during her exploration. For instance, if your cat is exploring new toys, allow your pet to respect her space until she acquaints herself with new items. Once she acquaints, then you can participate.

Start small

Teaching a cat is an exciting responsibility and all you want to do is to train everything in one go. To ensure effective training is to start small and practice one lesson at a time. Once your cat has mastered the lesson you trained, then you can move on to the next lesson. To know how to train a cat is to start small and simple.

Do not limit your Cat to one Area

When your cat has learned a command, allow the cat to practice in different areas of the house. If you are introducing your cat to other animals, then bring your cat to the living room. This will help your cat to know that other animals existed in that certain place as well. This is not an issue if your cat meets a fish, but when a cat meets the dog. The cat will have to understand that she will encounter the dog with other areas as well.

Involve other People and Pets to interact

Training your cat to communicate is a great way to involve other people in the household. You want your cat to be social rather than territorial. If you live alone with just you and your cat, you do not have to worry about involving other people in the training process. When you bring your cat home, invite some friends and family to socialize with your new pet. When it comes to larger families, all members need to get involved for interaction. This helps your cat to get familiar with seeing new faces every day. To train your cat is to involve other people and other animals in the house.

Get Clickers and Treats

Clickers and treats are great tools to use when training a cat. To know how to train a cat is to use clickers and treats. A clicker helps to mark the cat for doing good behaviour and provides a treat. Every time the cat hears the noise of a clicker, it is a sign that the cat reinforces good behaviour. If you do not have a clicker, you can use a pen that has a clicker behind it. Clickers and treats have been widely used by a variety of animals. To train your cat well and mark good behaviour is to provide with clickers and treats. Such treats you can use like small kibbles.

Never punish your Cat

Cats will not simply learn from what some owners would call it discipline. If your cat commits a mistake you must never slap, shake or correct physically during the training session. This will lead to behavioural and health problems for your pet. This is not something you want to deal with cat training. Punishing your cat will never work well because the cat will not simply understand why she is in big trouble. To give a good training session is to have some patience and remain positively minded for your cat.

Use the Reward System

Using reward systems are great motivators as it helps to motivate your cat during training. To know how to train a cat is to praise your pet in a kind and upbeat voice. Your cat will enjoy any positive praise and say those words like ‘good job!’ and ‘what a good cat!’. Try to use appropriate gestures to make it easier for the cat to understand when doing positive behaviour. Such gestures you can do such as scratching its fur or provide with some treats.


Here are different ways to help you know how to train a cat. These things will help you to train your cat well. If you refer to these lists above, your cat will be a good pet in the household. Once your cat has learned a command, make sure you praise your pet well and provide with some treats. If none of these methods works while training your cat, remember you need to have some patience and courage. That way your cat will take time to learn a new gesture or any training session provided.
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So, train your cat well and happy petting!

Author: Fatima Bhutta