How to Reconcile a Dog and a Cat in the House

During the acquaintance of two animals, they initially have a mutual misunderstanding because of differences in the ways they express feelings. So, in the case of a dog, wagging the tail is a sign of joy and disposition. In cats, it means the opposite.

Twitching the tail indicates discontent and irritation. Important difference also lies in the perception of personal space. Cats guard it very carefully and prefer to observe others from outside, rather than go for direct contact.

Dogs aspire to direct interaction with the object of interest. Reaction to violation of the boundaries of personal space may result into a real fight. Continuing the theme of the behavioral differences between the two animals, it is worth mentioning an interesting example: the up front paw of a dog symbolizes positive intentions, whereas for a cat such gesture is a sign of readiness for an attack.

Reconcile a Dog and a Cat

First meeting

Now, let’s move to the direct answer to the question of how to reconcile a cat and a dog in an apartment. First of all, it is worth noting that the best period for meeting is childhood. At this time, kids are open to everything new and it will be much easier for them to get used to each other. In addition, it will be less stressful for you. However, the desire to have second pet, as a rule, arises some time after the purchase of the first one.

If an adult cat already lives in the house, and you have a persistent desire to have a dog, it is recommended to take a two-three-month-old puppy.

On the contrary, the adult dog living in the house with a small fluffy lump will be a bigger problem. The dog can react very harshly to a kitten, who claims not only to his territory, but also to your attention.

As for the grown-up puppies, they usually show interest in relation to another animal. They have no desire to harm him. Puppy, as a rule, runs around the cat, tries to sniff it and even play. Cat, in turn, refers to such a curiosity with a misunderstanding. Be ready that it will try to hide.

However, after a while, pets will get used to each other.
In the case when one of the pets is older, the first acquaintance of animals should be carried out under your watchful control.

It is better to put on a muzzle on an adult dog and keep it on a leash. The cat is recommended to shear claws, so that it could not harm neither the dog nor you. An introductory meeting of pets should take place at a distance. Do not bring animals close to each other and do not insist on their contact.

If one of the pets wants to escape, do not prevent him. When aggression from one of the pets is manifested, it is worthwhile to stop such attacks without resorting to strict penalties. Of course, do not wait that your pets will become best friends after the first meeting.

Even when it passes in a positive way, it is unacceptable to leave the animals in one room without attention. Such carelessness can result in a big fight.

Tips for the joint maintenance of animals

After acquaintance, no matter how it passed, you need to let your pets get used to each other. At the very beginning of the relationship, you should teach them to eat in one room, but from different bowls.

You should simply put the plates in the neighboring or opposite corners of the room. Over time, animals will begin to recognize the smell of the “comrade” and treat him positively.

It is important to note that if there are two pets in the house, it is unacceptable to deprive one of them of affection and attention. Your love have to be divided equally. If you are going to play with the dog, then it is better to involve the cat in this fun event.

In conclusion, it should be noted that it is not always possible to reconcile cat and a dog. The situation becomes even more difficult if at the time of meeting, the animals have already reached adulthood. With obvious manifestations of aggression, it is necessary to breed the animals in different places and to exclude the possibility of their crossing.

However, if you are ready to pay enough efforts and attention, then you can try to help your pets to become best friends.

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