Housebreaking Dogs

Quick and Helpful Tips to Housebreak Your Dog in 7 Days

The task of housebreaking a dog can be easy or difficult depending on your lifestyle, your family, and the dog itself.

With planning, patience, and dedication, you can achieve housebreaking dogs very quickly in as little as one week.

Tip 1: The Preparation Stage

housebreaking dogs

Rid the house of any residual odor before you begin the process.

Any urine smell or stain should be removed from the home to dissuade the dog from using certain areas for potty.

Buy pet odor remover and a dark light that can help you inspect the home for old stains so that you can remove them effectively.

Use the pet stain remover to clean every corner of the house.

Assemble the training supplies such as puppy pads. When you have prepared all the necessary supplies for the training, you will not need to keep running to the store every so often when the housebreaking has begun.

Here are some supplies to gather:

Get a good wire crate that is large enough for the dog to lie down, turn and stand up. Position it in a quiet area of the home that is not isolated from the family activities.

  • Buy a collar leash for guiding the dog.
  • Get some squeaky and chew toys.
  • Plan to get help if you’re going to be home during the day.

To achieve housebreaking dogs in 7 days, you must follow a strict schedule for crater confinement; play time, meals and potty break.

In case you are not able to make it home for the schedule, plan ahead for the task to be handled by someone else.

Tip 2: Create and Consistently Follow a Routine

housebreaking dogs
A strict 24-hour routine is crucial if you are to achieve housebreaking your dog in 7 days. Establish a routine both for you and the dog.

The dog needs to do its business early in the morning, after playtime and meals, and before bedtime.

Every moment of the dog’s day should be accounted for if the dog is to learn the routine and be in control of its bowel movement and peeing schedule.

Tip 3: Designate a Spot For Potty

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Choose a place at the backyard and designate it for toileting.

Dogs like green patches of grass or a base of a tree, use the same spot each time you take the dog out to potty for consistency.

Whenever the dog’s potty time is due or when you realize it is giving you cues, take it to the spot.

Consistently use verbal cues to help your dog understand and associate what you say with toileting.

Consider using a plastic bag to pick up the waste to comply with the city’s rules regarding removal of pet waste.

In case you live in an apartment, you can use puppy training pads inside the apartment for your dog.

Tip 4: Make the Crate a Safe Place for The Dog

housebreaking dogs
Since your dog will stay in the crate for some hours during the day and most of the night, make it as comfortable as possible.

Allow the dog to make it his little den equipped with a blanket, chew toys and some squeaky items for playing with.

Never use the crate for punishment, the dog will associate it with anxiety and fear and will never like it or be comfortable being kept in there.

Tip 5: Learn the Dog’s Signs

housebreaking dogs
You will quickly learn its cues as long as you pay close attention to the dog when it wants to go.

This can include sniffing the floor, walking in circles or stiffly or resting its tail strangely.

Whenever you sense the dog needs to go, take it to the designated place immediately even if it’s not the scheduled time for potty.

You will avoid accidents when you do this; it happens a lot during the curse of housebreaking dogs.

If possible, write down the eating schedule and its bathroom habits.

Journal each thing the dog does and at what time each day and you will learn a lot about the dog and how to easily housetrain it.

Always keep your eye on the dog at all times. Vigilance helps whenever the dog is out of its crate since you will be able to catch it before making mistakes and support it to correct it.

Tip 6: Immediately Clean Up Messes

housebreaking dogs
In case the dog relieves itself or urinates in the house, clean it up immediately.

Delaying will only make the dog associate the smell with the place for going out.

Use enzymatic cleaners instead of ammonia-based cleaners that will leave the smell of urine you are trying to remove.

Avoiding punish the dog for a mistake completely, your dog will only fear you.

Tip 7: Give Praises for Successful Elimination

housebreaking dogs
With a consistent language and voice, give lots of praises to the dog for going out at the right place.

Give treats immediately it finishes its business, and it will associate it with the success.

Like these housebreaking tips? Keep consistent and you’ll be able to housebreak your dog in 7 days.

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