House Training a Puppy

House training a puppy can be a challenge. Your puppy is like a baby, you shouldn’t leave it alone. Before you bought the puppy he lived together with his family, his mother looked after him all day long and he was playing with his brothers and sisters. And now he lives with you and if you would go shopping or to work the puppy would be completely left alone in a new environment.

If you have to go to work for a few hours then get a sitter for your puppy who looks after him, plays, cuddles and goes outside with him. The puppy needs the contact to humans.

You should train the puppy to be able to stay alone for some hours. Start slowly and leave him for a short time span. First go out of the room and then come back immediately. Then leave the room for a few minutes only before you return. When he gets used to that leave the room for 15 minutes and later on for half an hour before you come back. This way you can see how the puppy reacts and if he gets used to being alone.

Separation Anxiety

Some dogs are afraid being left alone. They don’t want to be separated from their owner.
They follow you to the shower and to the bathroom. If something happens to you and you have to go somewhere where you can’t take the dog with you, for example to the hospital, the dog would get a panic attack being left alone for a few hours.

Many dogs can be left alone for a few hours without problems but you should not overdo it. Dogs are pack animals and need social contacts.

Never leave a Dog alone!

What my Dog is doing when he is Home alone..this is sad!

If you’re go out often for longer periods of time, get a dog-walker. He will break up the day and keeps the dog busy. Before you leave take the dog for a long walk and then again when you get home. If you get an additional dog this might not solve the problem as you could end up with two howling dogs.

You should train your puppy that he has trust in you that you will return. Do this from a very early start to avoid situations like this as shown in the video.

Dog and Baby

Dogs don’t know automatically that babies are small humans. A baby smells differently and it doesn’t walk like humans do. And a baby doesn’t talk but cries often. These are strange sounds for the dog’s ear. Most dogs have no problems with this but there are some who might have fear or are jealous and consider the baby as a rival.

dog and baby
House Training a Puppy – Dog and Baby

In those cases the mother dog keeps the dogs away from the newly born. You have to play the role of the mother dog and make sure that your dog stays away from the baby. He is allowed to approach the baby only when you give permission to do so. If the dog approaches your baby by himself you have to send him back to his place.

Give your dog a lot of attention in the presence of the baby then he will relate the existence of the baby to something pleasant.

Make sure that your dog understands that the baby has a higher rank than he does.

Baby and Dog Are Best Friends

Kids often play too rough with Puppies

If you have kids then make sure that they don’t play too rough with your puppy. They treat a dog like a human. They talk or shout at the dog, push him around or pull his tail. The dog can get into problems when he defends himself “doglike” and growls or snaps at the kids. If this happens the parents often will punish the dog and not the kids. Make sure that your kids don’t go rough on the dog if you don’t want that he snaps at them. It is as simple as that.

A dog defends himself with growling and snapping and will do so if a kid hurts him. Kids are not safe just because they are kids. Bigger kids know when they have hurt the dog but don’t admit it to their parents. The dog should not get punished for defending himself. Kids up to seven years of age are usually too egocentric and are not able to understand the feelings of a dog or a human. For that reason experts recommend that the youngest kid should be at least seven years old before you get a dog.

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