House Training a Dog

Not all Dogs are the same – Read more about House Training a Dog.

When your dog sleeps on the couch this must not necessarily mean that he demonstrates or tries to achieve a higher rank, especially when he does it while you are not at home.

Short-coated dogs prefer the sofa because it is warmer than sleeping on the cold floor.

The point is that you as the boss (and pack leader) decide if you share your sofa with your dog or not.

The sofa must not be the best spot anyway, this all depends, it could be another place that your dog considers a much better place than the sofa to show that he is higher ranked than you or tries to become the boss.

However most dogs have no desire to be the boss, but you should play it safe when you just bought a young dog as you don’t know his personality. Allow him to use your favorite places upon command only, and he must leave them on command if you decide this. This way you have the situation under your control.

If you see that your dog challenges your rank (being the boss) and wants to become the boss himself then he should never ever be allowed again to sleep on higher places like the sofa.

Your Dog observes Family Members

Normally the dog is the lowest ranked family member. But he has all day long to observe family members to find their weaknesses.

If some family members, for example the kids, do not defend their ressources then your dog is not sure anymore about his rank and if he is still the lowest ranked member in your family or not.

This can cause problems. Maybe grandma does not show consequent behavior towards the dog and after a while he will not follow her commands anymore and might start to growl at her as he considers her being lower ranked than he is.

For that reason it is very important that all family members stick to the same rules and show the same consequent behavior towards their dog.


– Humans decide about everything, not the dog
– Before thd og receives something he must follows an command (ex.: SIT Command)
– train commands regularly and give treats immediately, if dog obeys
– Give food only if a command has been followed
– The Dog gets no food from the table when the family eats
– Humans decide what game is played and when it is finished
– If dog snapps at you during the game finish the game immediately
– Dog is not allowed to sit on furniture
– The dog must get up and give way for humans to pass (don’t walk over the dog)
– Humans go first throught the door then the dog follows
– Humans decide in which direction they go, not the dog

If your dog threatens a family member, then you need help from a professional dog trainer. Never beat the dog as this does not help long-term as this undermines the confidence between the dog and yourself.

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