Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

The ideal food for newly born dogs is the milk of the mother, of course. It contains everything a puppy needs. If the milk stops running (after 3-4 weeks) you have to feed the puppy yourself.

You can buy puppy food in supermarkets but you can also make it yourself. There are many Homemade Dog Treat Recipes available to make your own dog food at home.

Homemade Puppy Food

Milk and zwieback or dog biscuit soaked in milk
minced and cooked meat or fish, add green vegetables and brown bread. Moisture it with beef broth
Milk thickened with Oats – The oats have to be soaked in milk or vegetable juice overnight to make them soft
Meat or Egg Yolk, mixed with brown bread or dry zwieback, after that feed a bit meat

One third of the food should consist of meat. Add bones and cheese.

Feed four times daily until the puppy is four months old, after that feed 2 times daily and from now on the puppy gets adult dog food.

How to Help Your Dog Be Healthy and Happy With Real Homemade Dog Food

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