Home Made Dog Food

If you don’t trust the dog food you find in supermarket shelves then get all the ingredients and make your dog food at home. To make Home Made Dog Food is easier than you think.

If you do this then follow a few rules to protect your dog’s health.

Meat and Eggs should be cooked for at least 10 minutes to kill any parasites and germs.

If you cook vegetables you lose part of the vitamins but the food becomes more easily digestable.

Wash all vegetables before you start cooking them and cut them into smaller pieces. You can do this with a mixer. This way the dog can better absorb the nutrients and he can digest them without problems.

Some vegetables contain vitamins that can get absorbed only in connection with fat that’s why you should add a bit vegetable oil.

If you use any grains make sure you cook them as well or your dog will have problems to digest them.

Let oats soak in water first for a few hours, then cook them. Fish and Potatoes
have to be cooked as well.

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