German Shepherd Facts

  • Attentive, strong, intelligent, confident, reliable
  • One third of large dogs die on cancer.
  • Weight: 30-40kg (male), 22-35kg (female)
  • Color: black, yellow, brown, redbrown und grey
  • Needs time to run around freely
  • Use dogleash near streets or it gets runover by a car one day
  • Life expectancy is between 12 – 14 years
  • The Shepherd Dog is grown up after 12 months
  • The puppy should not grow up too fast as this can cause
    problems in the bone structure. To avoid this, you should not feed
    special puppy food for too long, but switch to adult dog food
    on time as this has not so much calcium and proteins compared to puppy
    dog food.

German Shepherd Puppy Training
German Shepherd Pictures

  • While still a puppy you should not change the dog food,
    except when switching to adult dog food.
  • After 1.5 years the dog is fully grown up and the bone
    structure stabilized.
  • Many people use dry food or cook for the dog “something
  • After 20 weeks (5 months) a male shepherd dog should weight
    20 kilogram (a female dog 10% less) and not more. Just make sure it
    adds 1 kg each week until
    week 20. After this slow down in gaining weight until the dog is fully
    up, this means until it is 18 month old. This is important because its
    bone structure is still soft while it is young.
  • Don’t feed your dog chocolate as it contains ‘theobromine’
    which is like caffeine and stimulates the central nervous system and
    causes increases blood pressure. The effect depends on the size of the
    dog and how much chocolate it has eaten.
  • Don’t feed any food from your kitchentable as it contains
    salt which is bad for your dog.
  • Don’t feed too many bones

Most Food for People is no good for Dogs

  • No Fruits as they contain kernels, and these contain
    hydrocyanic acid which leads to poisoning of the dog
  • No raw eggs as it contains Avidin, which binds Biotin
    necessary for skin and hair. Cook the eggs instead and feed these
  • No butter, this leads to vomiting
  • No milk as it contains milksugar which is not suitable for
    dogs bowels
    and leads to diarrhoea, better is cheese, curd or yoghurt
  • No icecream, leads to diarrhoea
  • No onions or garlic, can lead to anemia
  • No salt sticks
  • No chicken bones as these can split and get stuck in the dogs
  • No raw pork or chicken meat as this can transmit diseases
  • No chocolate, can be deadly because of theobromine which is
    in cocoa

Wrong Beliefs

  • The saying: To feed raw meat makes the dog aggressive, is
    nonsense. Dogs are related to wolves and are raw meat consuming
    animals. A dog shows no different behaviour if he eats raw meat.
  • Dogs need Vitamin C. Nonsense. Vitamin C is not a necessary
    vitamin for dogs. If a dog is healthy Vitamin C is produced in the
    liver. Only if the dog has liver problems the animal doctor will
    prescribe additional Vitamin C.
  • Some people believe “Dogs need additional Calcium” and many
    give Calcium pills. Too much calcium leads to diseases of the bone
    Normal dog food contains already sufficient calcium.
  • “One year are seven dog years.” Meaning: If you live one year
    the dog has lived seven years already.
    Life expectancy, no matter if man or dog, depends on many factors like
    genetics, sports and food, environment and social environment.
    Both humans and dogs get older nowadays. The life span of a dog is
    8 to 16 years old. Small dogs live longer than big dogs. Dogs in the
    country side live longer than city dogs.


Dogs can hear much better than humans. A young man can hear
around 20000 Hz. A dog can hear much higher sounds, between 47000 to
65000 Hz. To hear whispering is no problem for a dog.

Dogs react to high frequencies. In daily life he is exposed to
a lot of noise created by humans. For example running engines in cars,
lawn mower or
vaccuum cleaner cause high frequencies that a human can’t hear, but a
dog can. This is very unpleasant for a dogs ear.


If the puppy is seven months old the teeth are fully developed.


For Dogs with Weight 22-34 kg

Joule required daily 14000-19000

Canfood (400 gr) with dog cake in relation 2:1

1.5-2.5 Cans daily


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