Free Puppy Training Tips

Teach your Puppy the right way…free Puppy Training Tips

There are a lot of misconceptions about dogs and dog behavior.

Make your Apartment safe for your Puppy

Before you get your puppy remove all dangerous things in your place. Puppies are very curious and chew on everything.

Remove dangerous Things

– Put away your cigarettes and don’t leave ashtrays on the table.
– Remove bones that can splinter.

If bones are cooked they might splinter when your dog chews on them, which can cause internal injury.

– Sanitary products
– Cleaning agents
– Cherry stones, apricot kernels, peach kernels (contain hydrogen cyanide)
– Drugs
– Needles, hairclips
– Nylons
– Cables
– Chocolade
– Burning candles
– Potted plants
– Paper clips
– Scissors
– Glue
– Fertilizer
– Rat poison
– Screw root
– Fish hook

Puppies don’t have to be trained. This can wait!

No, not at all.

You have to train puppies right from the start as they are able to learn quickly while they are still young. It is the same with humans, they learn faster while still young.

Use the time when your dog is still a puppy to teach him commands the playful way. If he obeys a command then reward him, if he doesn’t then disrupt the process with a clear “NO” said in a long deep tone or something like it. In extreme cases grab the puppy and press the body down a bit to stop him.

You are the top-dog and have to show him his limitations in a consequent and quiet way.

The Puppy needs a Schedule

– Age: up to 6 months, feed the puppy 3 times a day
– Age: between 6 and 12 months, feed it 2 times a day

When you wake up in the morning (6:30 to 7:00 a.m.) go with the puppy outside for potty.

First Feed: 7:30 a.m.

– 15 minutes later go again outside
– After this he plays with you or alone or he sleeps a bit.
– Every 2-3 hours you must go outside with your puppy to make potty. And each time after he wakes up from his nap.

Second Feed: around lunch time 12 a.m.

– 15 minutes later,go again outside
– after this playing and sleeping
– go outside every 2-3 hours again

Third Feed: 5 p.m.

– 15 minutes later, go outside again
– go outside every 2-3 hours again

Don’t feed the puppy after the last meal again, then his stomach is empty and you will have a quiet night and you don’t have to go outside during the night.

Stay away from Horses

In the beginning your puppy should stay away from horses until he is 6 month old. The movements of a puppy are too slow and uncoordinated to get away quickly from a horse if it kicks at him.

If Dogs fight, then let them, they will fix that among themselves

No, they don’t!

You have the responsibility as you are the top dog in your pack. The pack consists of you and your dog. You have to stop your puppy to start a fight with other puppies. This way they learn it on time while they are still young.

These early lessons create the basis for confidence and trust between the dog and you.

If you walk outside with your dog and meet another pack (another human with his dog)
and your dog starts a fight, you have to stop it right away. If you let him and if he wins the fight, this will enforce this behavior and he will start fights more often. To win a fight is like a reward.


Your puppy will get new adult teeth after around 4 months. This process lasts until he is 7 months old. When it starts get chewing toys for him or he will chew on your furniture legs. The process of teething is painful and chewing on various objects can give relief. In this period the puppy will feel uncomfortable. But to train your puppy remains still an important task. Give him a lot of praise and rewards while training him. This will lighten up his life.


The dog has to sit in a lower position of you or he thinks that he is the boss and the pack leader.

puppy training tips


You are the boss and the pack leader of your pack, for that reason you sit in a higher position than your dog.

puppy training tips

You don’t have to be big and strong to be the boss. It is not necessary to beat your dog or to be rough on him. You don’t want to become the enemy of your dog but his friend who guides him. He should be able to trust you and feel good in your presence.

If you grab and shake him or throw him on his back, beat him or shout at him all the time he will feel not safe in your presence and one day the aggression will escalate and the dog might hurt you. Don’t let it come that far. Become his friend not his enemy.

Your dog is dependent on you in all things, you can use this to your advantage in your training. Show your dog that you decide in all things like food, playing or going outside.

If he wants to attract your attention ignore him. The point is that you determine when to feed and when to play and not him. This shows your dog that you are the boss.

The dog should not determine what has to be done but only you as the pack leader.


In reality this goes like this. You call your dog and when he comes make him “SIT” (SIT Command). After this you can play with him or do whatever you like. This will show him that the activity comes from you and not him and that you are the boss who decides what will be done.

Don’t let him use your Shoes as Toys

Get dog toys and don’t give your puppy any old shoes to play with or one day he will chew on your new shoes.

If he growls at you stop playing

Humans can’t differentiate if the growling is meant as a threat or is not meant seriously, so better stop playing when he growls at you or he might snap at your hand. Investigate if you have made a mistake or if something hurts him or is disturbing him.

The first time if you want to take away something from him and he growls then show him that you don’t like this at all. Say a loud “NO” or stop playing with him.

Make sure the dog is obedient before you throw balls or sticks

If people like to play with a dog they often think about throwing things away like sticks and balls and let the dog bring them back. Keep in mind that these are hunting games and you should not play them very often or this will support the hunting instincts of your dog and he will get used to it and will repeat this behavior of chasing and hunting in the future. A hunting game is not a real game and should be interrupted with training commands like “SIT” or “lie down”. This will not enforce the hunting instincts of your dog.

It is a better “game” to hide the ball somewhere and let the dog search for it. This will train his muscles and his mind and this makes tired faster. This is good otherwise you have to throw the ball one hundred times until he gets tired. However you should train various commands at the same time while throwing the ball or a stick to slow down the effect of the “hunting game”.
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