Dogs and Postman

Dogs and the Postman often don’t get along well. A postman usually has problems with dogs when he tries to deliver his letters. Every morning the postman, the intruder, must be chased away through barking and jumping on the fence and it works. This guy disappears but he comes back the next day.

When the postman comes the dog thinks:

“I told this idiot many times before not to come too close to the fence. He is too stupid to understand this. I am getting really frustrated.”

A dog should learn to stay calm in the presence of the postman or other visitors. Some postmen have dog biscuits in their pockets and try to calm the dog down with that. But this does not work with all dogs. On the other hand the dog gets conditioned to consider the postman as a food supplier and he will expect in future to get some food from other visitors as well.

Dogs and the Postman

If your dog bites the postman he can sue you for damages. Make sure you have a legal insurance and a pet insurance or the court case can get really expensive for you.

If your dog doesn’t like the postman then make sure that the dog is in the house when the postman comes.

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