Dogs and Kids

Dogs and Kids not always get along well. Don’t let small kids alone with your dog as they play differently. They are loud and run around wildly. You should teach your kid how to stop playing with the dog when he doesn’t want to play anymore. The kid can see this when the dog starts growling or is turning away and leaves.

This has to be trained with your kid regularly and then it reacts correctly when the dog wants to stop playing.

Standing like frozen

This is a good exercise to stop undesirable behavior of your dog.

Turn around 180 degrees and stay like that

This posture stops the dog from jumping on you.

Shout “Auaa” then turn around and stand still.

The kid shouts “Auaa” and turns around when the dog snapps at the hands or at the clothes. This shout should not sound too friendly or the dog feels animated to continue playing on.

Feed with open Hand only

Kids are a bit slow, clumsy and uncoordinated with their hands when feeding a dog then often the dog snapps at the food in their hands. To avoid this they should train to feed the dog with the open hand only.

Stand still

If the running around in a game goes too fast and wild then the kid can slow it down by standing still for some time.

Lay down on the Floor with the Face down and cover your Neck with the Hands

This position helps to protect the neck and the face to get hurt by a dog. Just wait until the dog gets bored and goes away.

If the Dog growls…

The kid should stop playing immediately, stand still and go away slowly.

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