Dog Treat Recipe

Healthy dog treat recipe ..follow the advise in the video.

You probably know that you should not give your dog chicken bones. You can feed chicken bones only when they are raw, or when pressure cooked. If you cook them the normal way, they splinter and can get stuck in the dogs throat.

When you pressure cook them, they turn brittle and you can break them apart with your fingers, so they are safe. We want to feed the dog bones because they have calcium and other minerals which your dog needs.

This way you don’t need to feed your dog any egg shells to give it calcium as these bones provide more calcium than egg shells. Just make sure to pressure cook them though the way it is shown in the video below, so that they don’t splinter.

If you feed your dog ONLY homemade food it stays healthy and you can stay away from dubious and bad dog food you may find at times in the supermarkets.

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