Dog Training Tips

Here are some dog training tips to solve dog behaviour problems in your house or apartment.

Puppies like to chew on your Fingers

He just chews with his milk teeth. Don’t pull the hand away as this is a sign for playing, he will snap and bite harder. If it hurts then stop the process by a clear loud “No”, then get up and walk away.

Your Puppy has to look at you

Your Puppy should look at you when you give commands. This way you make sure that he understands that you are the boss.

Dealing with Aggression

Puppies up to 20 weeks old should not show aggressive behavior, only during play.

If you meet an aggressive dog, don’t run away. If you can’t stand still then approach him from the side, but not from the front as this would be like declaring a war. Take a stick if you can to keep the dog away from you.

Don’t lose a challenge against your dog or he will think that he is the boss. Better avoid challenges that you will most likely lose.

Starring at your dog can become a challenge, if you look away first then you lost it. Better avoid these situations.

If you spoil your dog he will sooner or later become the boss and you become his servant.
To avoid this ignore it when he is trying to get your attention by whining, barking or running behind you.

Don’t let an aggressive dog sleep in your bed. The higher position in the bed gives him additional power. He might think that he has to defend you against other people and might bite one of your friends the next day.

Train giving basic commands five times a day for 3 minutes each training unit. When he growls get help from a professional dog trainer.

To gain control just feed twice a day. If you are the boss again then you can feed dog treats again.

Once a day put your dog in his box or put him on a leash and fix it somewhere for half an hour, without food and without toys. Your dog should not growl at you while doing these exercises. If he does growl then you have to assert yourself somehow or you have a problem and need help from a professional dog trainer.

Natural Aggression

A dog shows natural aggression when you take away his food, or when somebody tries to brush or bath him or at the vet. If this happens you should not shout at him.

Aggression against Intruders

Some dogs show excessive territorial behavior. They bark a lot when foreigners like the postman approach your house.

How does this behavior develop?

If the postman comes and the dog barks and the postman goes then this enforces the territorial behavior of the dog. The dog thinks he has chased the postman away. If you react to this barking and shout at your dog then the dog thinks that you support his behavior and that he has done the right thing.

If a dog barks in the garden and nobody approaches then the dog thinks that he is successful in defending his territory and will keep up his behavior.

To avoid aggression against your friends you should never allow your dog to lay down on armchairs and sofas. This means don’t allow him to lay down on higher places.

Train basic Commands daily.

If a visitor enters your place, don’t shout and don’t pull on the collar. Stay calm and be an example for your dog. After your visitor has greeted you, make the dog sit and let the visitor give the dog a treat when he has followed the SIT command properly.

Don’t walk over your Dog but make him to get up.

dog training tips

You should walk through the Door first.

When you go outside for a walk with your dog make sure that you go through the door first. This enforces your higher rank and the dog learns discipline.

When you go for a Walk change Direction occasionally

When you walk outside with your dog then demonstrate that you decide in which direction you will go. Change direction sometimes as this will force your dog to keep an eye on you to be able to follow you once you decide to go somewhere else.

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