Dog Sleeping in Bed

Some people are very annoyed that their dog wants to sleep in their bed every night but don’t know how to change that. If you don’t want that your dog crawls back into your bed every night than there is a new German method to stop him from doing this.

Some people treat their adult dogs like babies and let them sleep in their bed. If this makes them happy, why not.

However, if you want to stop your dog coming to your bed every night, there is an easy method to solve the problem at the end of this page.

It is not very healthy to let your dog sleep in your bed.

1. Bacteria and Germs can be transmitted through breathing
2. Interruption of Sleep
You might wake up more often during the night when your dog sleeps in your bed. In the morning you are not fully relaxed as your sleep has been interrupted.

Dog sleeping in Bed

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How to stop your Dog from sleeping in your Bed.

Your dog has to learn to sleep at another place and not in your bed. For this reason
prepare a new place on the floor beside your bed where he should sleep.

Prepare a new sleeping Place beside your Bed

The new sleeing place should be on the floor beside your bed because it must be close to the bed for the method to work as you have to throw dog treats on to the new place. You can’t do this when the new place is in the kitchen or somewhere else. It would be too far away to control the situation.

Throw a Dog Treat to your new Place

When you have prepared the new sleeping place go to your bed and sit on it. Wait for your dog as he will jump on your bed as usual. If he is on your bed throw a dog treat to the new place immediately. Don’t talk. Don’t say a single word when you do this.

The dog will jump to the new place beside your bed and eat the treat and then will try to return to your bed. As soon as this happens throw another treat to the new place immediately. Repeat this again and again until the dog stays at his new sleeping place. After a few minutes the dog has understood and will never come to your bed again.

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