Dog Flea Treatments

Most Effective Ways to Deal with Dog Fleas

Even though fleas on dogs are not the most dangerous parasites that can attack your dog, they can still cause severe issues, especially if your dog develops an allergy. Constant itching and irritation can damage the skin as well as cause hair loss.

It would only be responsible on your part as a dog owner to ensure everything you can that your furry pal is at minimal risk of catching fleas. Of course, there are different solutions in case your dog actually gets fleas, and it’s important to be aware of what needs to be done in such situation.

dog flea treatments

Keep your yard safe

There are several ways to make sure that your yard is flea-free, which is something essential if you want to make sure that the risk of your dog catching fleas is as minimal as possible. For example, you can get nematodes for your soil at garden stores. These are tiny animals that look like worms which prevent flea infestation.

What’s more, keeping the lawn neatly mowed as well as planting protective plants such as lemon balm, sage, basil, mint, rosemary, etc. can help you repel fleas from your yard. There’s also the possibility to get Diatomaceous Earth (DE), which is a powder that consists of fossilized organisms.

This powder is not toxic for dogs and it will destroy the fleas at their early stage. However, the dust itself can be an irritant until it settles, so don’t let your dog out until this happens and wear a protective mask. Finally, you can use garlic water for your yard. Basically, mix around 8 heads of chopped garlic with one gallon of boiling water, let this mixture steep for around half a day and use this to water your yard.

dog flea treatments

Keep your home safe

Aside from putting a bit of effort into making your yard unattractive and uninhabitable for fleas, you want to make sure that the inside of your home is the same. Essentially, the biggest reason for concern when interior is in question is the carpet. One of the best things you can do for your pet and the appearance of your home when you keep the pet inside is to get rid of the carpet completely.

However, if you really like the look that carpet gives to your home, try to opt for berber carpets since the weave is pests-unfriendly. In case you need a solution for regular carpets, remember that the most effective thing you can do is to keep it clean.

Steam clean it at least twice a year and use regular vacuum thoroughly once a week. You can also spread Diatomaceous Earth (DE) once a month, wait for it to settle in the carpet, and then vacuum everything thoroughly. Of course, don’t forget to empty vacuum canister as soon as possible.

dog fleas

Keep your dog safe

Obviously, the most important thing is to keep your dog safe. There are a couple of natural remedies such as garlic and apple cider vinegar. Garlic can be dangerous for dogs but if you mix a small amount of organic garlic with their food, this won’t do the dog any harm but can actually act as a flea repellent from the inside.

Remember, you should use a quarter of garlic clove per ten pounds (4.5 kg) of dog’s weight. Dogs that weigh less than that need an eighth of the clove. You can also feed your dog with apple cider vinegar (half a teaspoon per 25 pounds (11 kg)) or spray their fur with a mixture of warm water, apple cider vinegar and sea salt.

Of course, the most effective flea control for dogs includes a range of products such as tablets, chewables, topicals and collars. If you want to make sure that your dog is not only safe from fleas, but even more dangerous pests such as ticks, you should definitely look into these treatments.

If you want to have a furry pal, you have to remember that it will be in your care. As an owner and a friend, you need to take full responsibility for your pet. Therefore, don’t neglect proper prevention from potential diseases, pest infestations and allergies before there’s even a need for treatment.

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