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dog attack
If you are walking outside and suddenly a dog chases you and threatens you you should do the following:

1. Stand still and be calm
If you run away he will come after you as you stimulate his hunting instincts.
2. Don’t stare into his eyes directly or he feels challenged to find out who is stronger. Just keep an eye on him from the side.
3. If you hold something in your hands that could be of any interest to him let it fall on the floor or he might take it and bites you into the hand.

Keep in mind that the probability is very low that he will attack you as dogs don’t attack without reason. So stay calm and wait until he gets bored and goes away.

If you have a bicycle use it as a shield and go behind it, just in case.

Free-running dogs in parks are not usually not dangerous unless you enter their territory or chase them. But who does that?

Entering a Dogs Territory

If you go into a garden that belongs to other people and their dog sees you and shows aggressive behavior then do the same as above.

– Stand still and stay calm
– Don’t look straight into his eyes
– Turn your head sideways and keep an eye on him from the side
– Walk back slowly to the gate. If this is not possible because the dog gets more aggressive then stay where you are and wait for help.

– Never turn your back towards the dog
– Never run away, the dog is faster

Pack of Dogs

If you meet a pack of dogs then you might be considered as an intruder. Stand still and stay calm until the dogs will go away. Running away is senseless as they will catch you fast.

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