Doberman Puppies

See some videos about Doberman Puppies on this page. Dobies may have some negative reputation due to movies. Often they are shown for being evil attack dogs or guard dogs. But they are intelligent, friendly and a very good looking breed. Just make sure that you train and treat them properly.

They are good guard dogs as they will only bark if you don’t know the stranger either.

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Doberman is a Good Guard Dog

– they hear well
– they observe well
– they defend well
– fearless
– friendly
– friendly to kids
– obedient
– they stay near the house
– are intelligent
– do not trust strangers
– do not want to hunt
– not easy to provoke
– may be aggressive against strangers
– they need variety in their training as they are intelligent

They are used as a personal defense dog or police dog.

Height: 63 bis 72 cm – Weight: 45 kg – Their coat is short and dense.

First breeder was the German Friedrich Louis Dobermann (January 2, 1834 – June 9, 1894) who worked as a local tax collector. His second job was dog-catcher. He had the right to catch all free-running dogs in town and soon he had access to dogs of many breeds. He needed protection in his job as a tax collector and wanted to create a breed that could protect him. These dogs were used later on as guard and police dogs.

If you are a beginner in dogs, you should not get a doberman as they require a consequent and proper training. If you go for a walk with a doberman other people will not look friendly at you.

Doberman Puppy Plays With The Big One

Doberman Puppies

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