Causes and Fallouts of Depression in Dogs

Certain changes or events can affect the mood and behavior of animals, just as it is with us humans. Dogs are sensitive creatures; they understand and experience a range of emotions.

You might wonder what could cause depression in dogs. After all, they do not have to worry about finding a job, paying bills, and working through complicated relationships. However, dogs do have the tendency to get depressed and they act it out in different ways.

Many dogs lose their appetite when depressed and drop sufficient weight over time. Some dogs may begin to eat much more than normal, which is also alarming and unhealthy. Some dogs become lethargic and sleep all the time.

Some dogs isolate themselves or hide; they get agitated if bothered. Some dogs become extra clingy, and seek your attention all the time. As person who understands their dog very well, you will be able to identify their sadness without observing any other symptoms. You will see it in their eyes and it will break your heart.

Whenever you notice abnormal changes in your dog’s behavior, consult your vet right away. A physical illness is often the root cause for your pet feeling down. If the vet confirms that your dog is physically fit, then you shall contemplate their mental health.

Dogs normally mourn the loss of a companion; this could be the owner, a family member, or another dog/animal in the house. If the dog is attached to someone who dies or moves far away, it will grieve them. It may take a lot of time and extra affection to help them get over the tragedy.

Many dogs get frustrated in new environments. If you have recently moved to a new place or changed apartments, your dog probably hates it. It possibly dislikes the change of climate, the size of the space, new smells, or strange people in the neighborhood.

Dogs are adhered to a certain way of living and do not appreciate being dragged out of their comfort zone. Their depression might drive them to anger, which can be dangerous.

Sometimes dogs attack new friends visiting your place or untried people you interact with in your area. If your dog hurts someone in the spur of the moment, he or she could hire a dog bite injury lawyer to take the case to court.

Dog bites are not taken lightly; owners are usually subjected to paying compensation to the victim, while a severe case can end in putting the dog down. Therefore, it is your duty to monitor your dog, and take necessary measures if there is a risk of harm to somebody.

Sometimes dogs show signs of depression when they are scared of something or somebody. You must identify the person or object causing it distress, and eliminate it for their betterment.

Finally, your dog could be simply depressed because of you. If you are miserable or going through a hard time, they can feel and absorb the negative energy. In that has happened, try to be cheerful around them and let them be the reason to beat your depression.