Can Dogs Eat Popcorn or Is Popcorn Bad for Dogs?

Do you have questions if your dog can eat popcorn? Want a short, quick answer? Yes, it can! But with some restrictions that should not be ignored at all. Learn more details below!

can dogs eat popcorn

Does Popcorn has Nutritional Value?

The popcorn is the most traditional and tasty snack, almost always present when we watch a football match or a good movie on television. And healthier compared to industrialized snacks or stuffed biscuits. The popcorn contains fiber, antioxidants, manganese, magnesium, calcium, iron, Vitamin B and is low calorie if prepared with little fat and no sugar.

Can a Dog Eat Popcorn?

Our inseparable companion during meals or during a snack may also accompany us on the popcorn, but be aware of these restrictions:

1st Restriction: Popcorn X Fats: The problem is not in the corn that is popped in the pan, but in the amount and type of fat that is used to turn it into popcorn. This is the first restriction that should be taken into consideration before offering popcorn to your dog.

According to dog care help, the dog can eat popcorn without any fat. In this case, it is recommended to make the popcorn at home, in the pot or in the microwave, without any type of fat.

2nd Restriction: Popcorn X Salt: Very well! Popcorn burst without fat. And the salt to enhance the taste of the soft white flakes that have become the corn? And the monosodium glutamate to give that final touch? No salt!

The dog can eat popcorn without any added salt, of any kind: marine, refined, thick or with flavor enhancer.

3rd Restriction: Popcorn X Sugar: But what about that caramel popcorn? And the chocolate covered? And that colorful one? No sugar!

The dog can eat popcorn without any sugar, nor those prepared with fruit juice like orange.

4th Restriction: Popcorn X Quantity: When we say that a dog can eat popcorn, does not mean he can eat a bucket like the one you are accustomed to.

The maximum amount for a large dog is a cup of tea. For medium and small dogs, less than half a cup of tea is enough.

Some essential care should be taken when offering popcorn to your puppy so that such a tasty snack will not bring more serious consequences.

  • Give one grain of popcorn at a time and make sure the dog has chewed and swallowed:
  • Be very careful when offering popcorn to very small dogs such as the Yorkshire, Chihuahua, Shih Tzu and Poodle Toy breeds. The risk of suffocation is very high and could cause a more serious problem.
  • Always be aware and try to leave the bucket of popcorn out of the dog’s reach. If he tries to eat straight into the bucket, he runs the risk of swallowing a few grains that have not burst and may have an upset stomach.

The dog can eat popcorn in small amounts and in natural. Always use a good sense of timing: if you eat popcorn every day, you should not offer popcorn to your dog every day too! Popcorn should be offered to dogs as a snack, that is, only once in a while.