Best Puppy Food

What is the best Puppy Food? You will be amazed how fast your puppy will grow up.
But it needs the right well balanced food while growing, especially food that contains all necessary proteins, fat, minerals and vitamins.

Age and Energy Requirements / kg Body Weight

This table is for dogs with a weight of around 15 kg when grown up.

4 weeks
1050 kj
8 weeks
800 kj
12 weeks
700 kj
24 weeks
550 kj
30 weeks
420 kj
290 kj

As you can see above a puppy needs a lot more energy per kg bodyweight than an adult dog. As the dog gets older he needs less and less energy per kg. Don’t worry too much about this table but get the idea, that a puppy needs more food in relation to his weight than an adult dog.

2-3 months old
feed 4 times
first feed 7 a.m.
last feed 7 p.m.
4-6 months old
feed 3 times
first feed 8 a.m.
last feed 6 p.m.

After six months the stomach of the puppy has grown big enough to be able to handle a lower number of feeds. And his energy requirements will slow down.

Best Puppy Food

Pet food companies have to sell nutritionally complete products, but in most pet food you find all sorts of unhealthy by-products like preservatives and filler grains like rice.

Make sure you search for the best puppy food in the markets and don’t take just any cheap rubbish pet food. The food should be balanced correctly, so buy quality puppy food that does not contain any grains, soya, rice, mais and chemicals.

Many cheap products have not any real meat in it, but replace this with chemicals. This makes the production much cheaper for the companies. Read the ingredient list of the food before you buy anything.

You can smell if dog food is bad when you open the can. If your puppy prefers cheap dog food, don’t give in.

You also can feed your dog with fresh meat and mix it with other dog food. Or you can cook your dog food yourself, but this first requires that you do some learning before you start.

The most important elements in dog food are:
Protein – A growing dog needs 30% protein in his dog food. An adult dog 15%-20% only.

If you cook your dog food yourself you should know about the following important ingredients.

Important Ingredients

Egg Yolk(cooked only)
Porridge Oats
Wheat Bran
Flax Seed
Cottage Cheese
Low Fat Curd Cheese
Green Vegetables
Edible Oil

1. Simple Recipe

60% Beef goulash
20% Natural cooked rice
1 Cooked egg
5% Flax Seed or Wheat Bran
1 teaspoonful of sunflower, safflower oil or cornoil
5% green vegetables (peas,spinach,zucchini or else)


2. Recipe

50% Beef heart
30% Porridge oats
5% Cottage cheese Or Low fat curd cheese
Flax seed or Wheat bran
3% Carrots(cooked)
1 teaspoonful edible oil

After six months you can start feeding heart, liver, cooked chicken meat, cooked pork (never raw)

Carrots should be cooked in the beginning or the puppy gets digestion problems.

Buy quality Dog Food

If you buy quality food with no filler material, this means less poop! And you feed far less because the quality food is more concentrated and has a higher nutritional value.

Dry Food or Can Food?

You can use both. Dry food is very handy and can be carried around in your pockets.
If your puppy deserves a reward you can use it to give a treat.

When to start feeding

Start feeding when the mummy can’t give sufficient milk anymore or the puppy is hand reared. If you want to feed the puppy then don’t serve the food right out of the fridge, as it is too cold. Wait and let it warm up for some time until it has body temperature.

Put a bowl of fresh drinking water beside it. If you change the food then give the puppy time to adjust to the new food brand. It is a good idea to mix the new food with the old one for a week or so until the puppy is used to the new brand, otherwise it might get digestion problems.

You can also feed adult dog food labeled “for all life stages”.

How much does it eat?

In the first six months a puppy eats around three times more than an adult dog. So be prepared.

How often do I feed it during a day

This depends on your life style. You can do it from twice to four times a day. Don’t feed too much.

Just follow the guidelines provided on the pet food.

Read more about dog food at Wikipedia.


What you shouldn’t feed your Dog

What is good for people might not be good for dogs.

No Chocolate

as it causes Theobromine poisoning which is an overdose reaction to the alkaloid theobromine, found in chocolate, tea, cola beverages, açaí berries, and some other foods. Read more at Wikipedia

No Grapes, No Raisins

Many fruits contain kernels that are poisonous to dogs as these contain Hydrogen cyanide. Grapes and Raisins cause acute kidney failure in dogs.

No raw Eggs

Many people believe that to feed raw eggs makes the dog’s coat shiny. The opposite is the case. The chicken egg white contains Avidin which binds Biotin that is necessary for skin and hair. If the dog eats complete raw eggs this will cause a biotin deficiency. If you want to feed eggs then cook them.

No cooked or fried Chicken Bones

Chicken bones may splinter and get stuck in the dogs throat. If the bones are sharp they can push right into the throat and hurt the dog.

No raw Pork or Poultry

Raw pork can contain the herpesvirus. Poultry (Raw chicken) can contain bacteria.

No Butter

Butter leads to vomiting

No Milk

Milk contains milk sugar which is not suitable for the digestive system of a dog.
Better is to feed cheese, curd cheese or yoghurt which contains important proteins.

No Ice Cream

Ice cream contains milk sugar and if you feed it to a dog he will get the runs.

No Onions no Garlic

Onions and Garlic contain sulfoxides which are toxic for your dog if you feed them in large quantities.
They can be deadly for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, monkeys and other animals as they are unable to digest it.
Don’t feed onion-containing leftovers such as pizza.

No Saltsticks

Saltsticks and savory snacks contain too much salt which leads to edema (water retention) in the dogs body.
Better is to feed dog biscuits while watching television.

Water is important

For a dog drinking water is very essential. So make sure that your dog has always access to fresh drinking water.

The body of a dog consists 60% of water. If he loses 15% he will die. I hope you understand now how important water is.

5 Things to never feed your Puppy

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