Benefits of Grooming and Bathing Your Dog

Grooming and bathing your dog should not just be an act of routine. This comes with a heap of benefits like reduction on the number of expensive visits to your vet.

Why groom and bathe your dog?

Grooming your dog is not only good for his physical appearance but also improves his physical health. Therefore, it is always a great idea to ensure that your dog is well groomed most of the time, if not all the time.

However, to achieve this you need to train your dog to be able to endure grooming right from a young age. With time, the dog will like it and will look forward to the grooming time. You may opt to take your pooch to a doggy spa for a professional bathing and grooming session or you can do it at the comfort of your home.

Creates a bonding session

So you want to be friends with your dog? Well, bathing and grooming your pooch will create a strong bond between the two of you. This is especially because you will have exclusive time alone together, as you enhance better physical appearance and health.

Happy Dog

If you want a happy dog, then, grooming should be among top priorities. It helps in improving the mood of the dog as the process generally releases stress.

A good looking coat

Brushing is a major part of grooming and is beneficial to all breeds of dogs. Brushing helps in removing dirt, dandruff as well as dead hair. Besides, it also helps in bringing out the natural oils in your dog’s fur. As you brush your dog, these oils spread over the fur, this, giving him a shiny sheen.

Overall physical body check-up

As you groom your dog, you get an opportunity to check on his health. Therefore, you are able to spot any abnormalities like skin problems. You will also be able to detect parasites like fleas and ticks which can pose health hazards to your dog. Check out for any dry patches or wounds on the dog’s skin. Additionally, take a keen look at the dog’s nails, ears, eyes, and teeth for any problems such as inflammation. Ensure you contact a veterinary officer in case you suspect any problem. Usually, it is much easier to treat problems that are detected early.

Clean odorless coat

Bathing your dog helps in getting rid of bad odor from your dog’s skin. The odor is often caused by sweat and other forms of dirt. To keep off the bad smell for longer, bath him with some nice smelling shampoo.

If your dog is dirty, he will spread the dirt and germs to your home.

For example, if he had Usually, dogs love playing and if for instance a field day playing in the dirt or rolling in the mud with his friends at the dog playground, ensure that he’s had a good bath to get rid of the dirt.

Prevention of germs and disease-causing micro organisms

By bathing your dog, you will be treating or preventing numerous health conditions. These health conditions include;

  • Fungal, bacterial or yeast infections – Bathing your dog frequently helps in killing organisms and pests that are infectious. By bathing your dog often, you can absolutely eliminate the infectious organisms even without necessarily administering any medication.
  • Allergies – If your dog has an allergy, bath him before administering antihistamine or a corticosteroid, this relieves itching and stands chances of reducing or eliminating the need for further treatment. By reducing the number of times you administer these medications to your dog, you minimize chances of exposing your dog to their side effects.
  • In conclusion

    Nobody wants to drive or walk around in the company of a shaggy, dirty, foul-smelling dog. Nobody wants to cuddle one either. So ensure that your pooch is always clean and well groomed regardless of how long or short is coat is or the level of exposure to dirt.

    While grooming and bathing your dog are great steps to enhancing good health, it is always a great idea to stick to the necessary routine visits to your veterinary doctor. – written by Steven Njenga