All Natural Dog Food

This Is What Your Furry Friend Will Be Thankful For

Many people today are turning to healthy and organic diet, and after they experience many benefits, they want their family and friends to eat healthy too.

They don’t want only their human loved ones to be in best shape, but their pets as well, so the demand for real natural dog food was never higher. If you want your pet to get only the best ingredients, here are some things you must know about all natural dog food.

all natural dog food
Photo by MarianneBirkholz – This picture shows moist, dry and raw dog food.

What is “Natural Dog Food” exactly?

Many pet food brands are throwing around the terms such as “organic”, “natural” and “grain-free”, but what food exactly can be called “natural”? Does that automatically mean organic? Can there be any “natural” substances added to the food? All of these questions are confusing the buyers.

Pet food can be called “natural” only if all of the ingredients and components are natural. If there are any chemicals, such as Propylene Glycol and BHA, present in the product, it can’t be considered natural. The only exception can be made when it comes to synthetic vitamins and mineral additives.

So, until every manufacturer agrees what can and what can’t be considered “natural dog food”, you should use your common sense when buying it for your pet. Also, don’t just look at the words on the front of the package, but read the label at the back and carefully consider which one to choose.

Health Benefits of Natural Dog Food

You probably know how quality natural food plays a big role on an overall human health; the same goes for animals. If your dog suffers from allergies or a skin condition, you’ve probably tried every spray, shampoo, medication and cream hoping to cure your dog.

My pooch Joey scratched his ear and shook his head a lot. We cleaned his ears regularly and used different meds but nothing helped. Not until he started having open sores did we do a thorough research and came to the conclusion that his problems were likely caused by the high amount of grain in his food.

So, we tried natural pet food by Applaws and it made all the difference. In a few weeks, his ears had healed and he had completely stopped scratching. Plus, his coat is now more beautiful than ever and we always get comments on how healthy and fit he looks.

Natural food is also more digestible. If your dog sometimes vomits, experiences gas, bloating or diarrhea after a meal and there’s no underlying illness, try switching to natural food. Aside from relieving these symptoms, natural diet can also help your dog lose weight and exercise more.

Just as the quality of your diet affects your life, the right dog food will have a direct impact on how your dog looks, feels, and acts. If you give them natural food, you’ll ensure that your dog lives a long, happy and healthy life.

How to read the Dog Food Label?

As we said before, don’t just trust everything that’s written on the front of the packet.

Turn it over and read the ingredient list to see what is actually contained in the food. The main component should always be meat, even better if it specifically states the type of meat (chicken, lamb or beef instead of just meat).
Avoid animal derivatives and by-products completely. Generally, the shorter the ingredient lists the better the food. If you’re still not sure what to look for, here’s a good example of a label: chicken, wild rice, broth.

Avoid buying food with a label that looks like this: meat/meat derivatives, flavour, sugar, colors and so forth. Avoid food filled with terrible fillers and poor quality ingredients.

So, if you want your pooch to be happy, active and healthy, be careful when buying food. Try different brands, read the label, and choose only the best for your furry friend.

Top 10 Food that you should never give your dog.

Especially dark chocolate is bad for dogs, worse than milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate
No drinks that contain caffeine!

Onions hurt red blood cells.

Macadamia Nuts
Can cause heartbeat, weakness and vomiting.

Grapes and Raisins
Contain fungicides, herbicides and pesticides.

They upset the stomach of your dog. (contain persin) The slippery pit can get stuck in your dog’s intestinal tract.

Apple Cores
Seeds of an apple contain toxic cyanide. They cause breathing problems, dizziness, collapse, shock and coma.
Before you give an apple first take out the seeds and core. Don’t give rotten apples to your dog.

It harms your dog’s liver and brain and cause blood sugar level to drop which can cause seizures in animals.

Never give raw or cooked bacon or fat trimmings to your dog. Bacon is too fatty and salty and can cause canine pancreatitis and death.

Wild Mushrooms
They can cause abdominal pain, kidney damage, liver damage, restlessness, salivation, vomiting, coma or death and must be treated immediately or toxins will gather in the body.

Any Food with Artificial Sweeteners

Please follow the above recommendations to keep your dog safe.

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