Aggressive Dog Behavior towards People

If the tips below don’t solve the problem then call an experienced dog trainer living in your area. He will visit you and will observe and analyze the behavior of your dog and finally will come up with conclusions.

Dog and Baby

Situation: Your dog growls at the baby who wants to use his toy.
This situation is critical as you can’t wait and have to get active now. If you do nothing the situation could escalate and the dog could bite the baby. Unfortunately every dog has his own personality so there is no perfect solution and no guarantee that my advice will work. You should make sure that situations like this can never happen and prevent them in the first place.

aggressive dog behaviour

You could react like this:
You first should gain the attention of your dog to divert his attention away from the baby.
Don’t make the dog or the baby get frightened. You should aim to disrupt the situation, but this depends on the dog and the situation. If the dog looks at you then you may use the SIT command.

If you don’t expect him to obey then you could make a distracting noise for example with the dog treat package or his food bowl. After this when you get his attention you can make him SIT or use another command.

What you shouldn’t do

-Don’t run shouting to the dog and grab the baby…

If you do this the dog gets more excited and might bite the baby. If you shout, the dog could misunderstand this as support. He might think: “The boss is excited like me and helps me” and he could feel encouraged to bite the baby.

-Don’t punish the dog.

When you punish the dog in front of the baby this leaves a negative feeling in the dogs brain.

In future every time he sees the baby he thinks: “The boss gets angry when the baby is around me.” This will make the dog feel uneasy and threatened when the baby is near him in future.

This might lead to aggressive behavior towards the baby.

The growling of your dog shows that there is a problem between the dog and the baby.

What you should do

– Never let the dog with your baby alone
– Get the advice of a dog trainer
– Make the dog get used to a muzzle and use it when he plays with the baby.

You should make sure that the dog learns that the baby has a higher rank than he does through training and consequent behavior.

Create sections in your house or appartment which are for the baby only and for the dog only. This way the dog can retreat when the baby is around.
Don’t let any toys laying around on the floor when the dog is around.

Your Dog should know his Ranking
In a pack of wolves every member has his rank. Your family represents a pack in which your dog has a rank. If the dog thinks that the baby has a lower rank than he then situations might evolve where he will show aggression towards the baby to show the baby that he is higher ranked.

Make sure that your dog understands that he has the lowest rank in your family and that the baby is higher ranked than he is.

Aggressive Dog Behaviour

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