Advantage of Chemical-Free Products for Pets

Finding quality pet products can be a challenge. But we help pet owners direct their attention to the most deserving products. We also encourage pet owners to select alternatives to chemically-laden products so that your pets stay healthy and comfortable at all times!

Read on to learn how you can keep your pets safe.

4 Tips to Take Care of Pets without Using Chemicals:

chemical free products for pets
Chemical-free products for pets

1. Keep Your Pet’s Bedding Clean and Fresh

We know your pets love their comfortable and cozy spot a lot. They might not even want to get out of it. But that doesn’t mean you let them chill on it all day long.

Keeping your pet’s bedding clean and fresh is super important. Little pests that are almost naked to the human and pet eye love crawling into comfortable spots. They’ll seamlessly blend into your pet beds. And most of the time, it’s our beds they love! But these little creepy crawlies must understand that they are not welcome in your pet’s bed.

But can you keep up with the regular cleaning? Copper beds are an effective solution for bacteria and fungal-free environment for pets.

Here’s a Look at Why They Work:

Is Natural and Safe

Copper beds are free from chemical treatments. And that makes them a natural, safe, and non-invasive way to promote your pet’s health.

Has Anti-Odor Properties

Your dog may dislike taking baths. And may want to snuggle right into their bed soaking wet! Copper beds absorb all the water without making the bed stink. So, every time your dog steps into it, it smells and feels fresh as ever.

Prevents Seasonal Allergies

Copper-infused beds have proactive little ninja warriors kill pathogens. This ensures that your dog doesn’t suffer from seasonal allergies as other pets do.

Long-lasting and Easy to Clean

Copper-infused beds are waterproof. The well-made copper-infused fabric sits on a removable memory foam base cushion. This helps in easy cleaning while keeping furry one warm and comfortable.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Copper bangles are well-known to reduce joint pain. And are a part of pet care products too! The thermo-regulating fabrics keep the beds warm and comfortable. And it’s the perfect choice for older and arthritic dogs.

Anti-bacterial Properties

Most people are aware of copper’s ability to kill bacteria. Copper ions can break through cell walls. And once they make it inside, the copper ions immobilize the microorganism. Copper pet beds also keep fleas away by killing all possible bacteria that feed on it.

2. Use Natural Dog Shampoo

Pet shampoos have chemicals. And they are harmful to their health. It’s not necessary that you use chemicals to keep your furry friend clean. Natural dog shampoo work well too. And your dog won’t even find your dog scratching themselves after a bath.

3. Use Natural Flea Collars

Pets often move around with flea collars around their neck. But did you know they have chemicals too? Flea collars can flow into your dog’s bloodstream, making them very sick.

If you’re currently using one for your pet, switch it up with a natural flea collar instead. It will prevent your dog from feeling an itch and a stomach ache.

4. Groom Your Pet on a Regular Basis

Grooming is so important and we cannot stress enough! Fleas and ticks find hiding spots within your furry friend. And they choose to stay there since it’s warm and cozy. Once they realize no one’s watching, they start laying eggs too.

So, you need to be a step ahead and give your dog a grooming session once a week. Use a brush or your hands to look for fleas. You will find a few hiding around.

Raising a pet is hard work. So, you need to be extra careful to keep them healthy. Make sure you always look for natural alternatives to keep your pet bacteria and odor-free. You wouldn’t want your furry friend a dose of chemicals.

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Kunal is a young and passionate entrepreneur, fascinated by the workings of the human body and natural solutions for common health problems. He’s single-minded in his aim to make Copper Clothing a brand that’s recognised across the globe, by partnering with global brands to make these high-tech materials easily accessible for everyone.